Settling a dispute becomes easier

Our platform is specifically designed to support you in all stages of the resolution of your dispute. From the creation of the file and the validation of your request to the signing of the agreement, everything takes place 100% online without travel …

A simple and complete platform

JustiCity offers you a multitude of functions allowing you to settle your disputes, avoiding endless processing delays through the usual ways. The entire process is done online with a simple and efficient tool.



The first step is to fill out a form allowing you to provide all the information necessary to process your dispute: Your contact information, the contact details of the other party and finally the nature of your dispute.


The party offering the mediation has the option of asking the party who receives the request to share the costs. The recipent has the choice to accept or not this proposal. All payments are made online through a secure interface.


You may choose up to 10 availability dates that will be submitted to the other party. The recipient may choose one or more of the pre-selected dates.



Before any intervention by one of our mediators or arbitrators, the parties are invited to sign a mediation or an arbitration agreement which will govern the entire process and protect the parties by ensuring them total confidentiality. At the end of the mediation, each party will have to sign a transaction that will seal the agreement or the arbitrator will render an arbitration award.


If you are unable to choose a mediator or arbitrator, JustiCity can select a professional from the list of those available on the chosen dates, depending on your case and the specialties you require. This professional will be assigned to your case and will contact the parties to validate the date finally selected.


Both parties receive an email invitation to the online mediation session or hearing. On the selected day, they participate, in the presence of the mediator or the arbitrator, at the  session by videoconference. Depending on the package chosen, the sessions can extend over several days, be shortened or extended.

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