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Submit your mediation file for free on our platform. Depending on the answer of the defendant, you have two choices: continue the mediation process if it is accepted or receive a certificate of attempted mediation if it is refused. 

If mediation is accepted

If mediation is declined

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have the right to refuse an offer of mediation?

Absolutely, mediation is a voluntary process, all parties must accept the mediation to take place.

Does mediation interrupt the prescription?

Unfortunately no, you must make sure that your rights are protected during this period.

How does a mediation take place ?

Mediation begins with an individual and confidential interview with the mediator (premediation) then mediation begins with the presentation of each party’s position. The talent of our mediators is to identify your needs and the solutions chosen to definitively settle your dispute.

What is the difference between mediation and arbitration?

Mediation belongs to the parties, it allows an agreement to be reached, the mediator does not render any decision. Arbitration is more like a traditional trial, but simpler, faster, and the arbitrator render a final decision (the sentence) thhat is not subject to appeal.

When will mediation take place?

Within three months. Once your file is submitted, you will have access to a calendar with ten choice of dates over the next three months, the other party as well as the mediator will choose a mediation date among those you have proposed.

Is the agreement obtained in mediation as valid as a judgment?

The agreement reached as a result of mediation is valid and constitutes a contract between the parties who must respect it. However, if one of the parties does not respect it, the agreement will have to be homologated (which gives it the same value as a judgment) by the court (very fast procedure) to have the agreement enforced by a bailiff for example.

What is a mediation agreement?

It is a contract between each of the parties and the mediator validating the rules of the mediation and in particular its confidential nature.

How will I sign the final agreement?

You will sign the final agreement using our totally secure electronic signature system accessible through a simple Internet connection.